Sexological Bodyworker and Mentor, Sexual assistant for physically and mentally handicapped people.

High priestess of Atlantis school of temple arts.


tel.: +353 89 979 3511

email: V.augstenova@seznam.cz

Personal ethical codex: 

 I feel and need to meet with people with the samec vibe. I know the connection of all people on this planet. I honour universal laws. My highest intention is to be a good human being. I am ready to support any person without taking over their responsibility or taking away their power. I support people to reclaim their inner power, beauty and essence. I open door for those who are ready. I am aware of beauty and I help others to see it too. I am the light and share it. I am free. I do not let my light be misused by me or others. I am aware of my true power and keep developing. I am who I am. I see the light even in the darkest night. I support people to overcome challenging times in life.