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Our philosophy

There is many different ways how to accept yourself as a whole and complex being. Accept your physical body, embrace your mind and extend your spirituality. 

Human sexuality is a huge part of human life. Mostly being suppressed and neglected. Today, human sexuality  is full of taboo, trauma, violence, abuse and misunderstanding.

Our sexuality is sacred  creative force. This force can be used in many ways. Blocked sexuality is  manifested as  blocked creativity. Blocked creativity manifests into violence. To be connected with your body, understand where are your boundaries and personal space, knowing that sexuality needs to be treated with respect and seen as sacred can elevate human' s collective consciousness. Every society rigidly suppressing sexuality and women is more likely a society full of violence and oppression.

We are collective of well trained, educated and experienced therapists who devoted their life to  raise  human' s consciousness. 

Tantra massage, tantric healing, Taoist techniques, anal & vaginal mapping, porn addiction, bdsm elements. 

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Our sexual identity and desires are a result of a unique combination of personal unconscious and collective unconscious, a concept developed by Carl Jung. Personal unconscious represents all the information and experiences of our lifetime that have been forgotten or repressed but continue to influence our behaviour on an unconscious level. ...

Maybe you have the experience too. The intense connection and at first it seems like a connection from heaven, until a little hell and trauma bonding comes out on the surface... And apart from just in the bedroom, the relationship just doesn't work.

1. The usual porn has esthetics and graphics of shame. It's not sex-positive and doesn't promote sexual health even though it's trying to pretend that it does. Or at least they are trying to say that that's how sex should look like - shameful and dirty. It's like when they are falsely advertising processed junk food as healthy. It's...