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I am based in the Czech Republic, but come often to offer my work in different Irish towns. I love nature and I am an adventurer, so Ireland seems to be a perfect match for my soul. However, the name Danu comes from Irish mythology and she is my guardian angel on my travels. 

I believe in Love. In Universal Love which can heal the world. In my sessions I try to pass on the experience of a love to oneself. Before we will be able to love other beings, our partners, children, friends, or even animals or nature we need to be able to love ourself fully. Love our personality, love our imperfect bodies and above all love our shadows... the deep dark corners of our psyche which are hidden from our sight sometimes our whole lives. 

Much of the shadow is hidden in our sexuality. I believe that having a healthy approach to our bodies and sexuality can make a remarkable change in quality of our life. When we know our bodies well, it's potential for feeling pleasure widens as well as our mind's potential for feeling happiness, bliss and welfare and therefore our lives thrive on all levels. I combine different techniques from everything I learned on my way through life - tantra, tao, ayurveda, shamanism, bodywork,... to create a perfect blend individually prepared for you. I can also combine massage therapy with shibari - the art of Japanese bondage, which might be great to deeper surrender. 

Every session starts with a chat, where you can share your experience, intention, anything what worries you in your sexuality or interest you. Intention is very important. Try to contemplate on it before you come. Why have you decided to come for a session? What quality do you lack in your life? What would you like to change or improve? What do you hope to get from the session? The best way to work is to set a strong intention in the beginning and then let it go with the beginning of the massage and surrender completely to the moment and let the universal force or God if you like make it's magic. 

In the session we can work with any sexual issues you might have, physical or psychological, shame and guilt, sexual traumas from past, pain, numbness,dysfunctions,... or you might not have any specific issues and just want to rejuvenate your sexual power, explore your body even more, enjoy yourself in your unique sexuality.