Daniela MAYA MA., CSB

Tantra massagesSexological bodyworker and therapist - vaginal, anal and prostate healing (mapping), teaching taoist technics, orgasmic yoga and meditation, treatment of pornography addiction etc.

ConsciousBDSM Shamanism Rituals Bhairav tantra and Osho meditation contact: 

(+353) 899597315


Please, if you are unsuccessful to contact me via phone number, because when I am not in Ireland my phone is off, write to me an email and I will get back to you.

I am educated and experienced certified bodyworker, and the highest quality tantra massage guider.

I do multiple types and really genuine tantra massages. You can work more deeply with your energy and feel all your senses in the body and full body ecstasy. Massage is a deep transcendental experience nourishing your body. With a properly controlled massage, it is experiencing magnificent conditions of bliss, love, joy and deep calm. At the same time, the basic life in the field of sensual power is cultivated.
People who feel little on their strength will feel more appealing, alive, fulfilling and "juicy" after massage.

I do also deep healing therapy work and massages for women, men or couples.

I focus on the treatment of sexual traumas, pelvic area, prostate, scars and intimate places of man and women. You can also order for consultation and subsequent treatment or massage.

Teaching, healing, pleasure, transformation.

I recommend minimum tantra massage for more deeper experience. You can try 3-5 hours massage include face massage 4th dimension change your mind, helps to relieve traumas from accidents in this area and harmonizes both hemispheres.

My journey to massages and holistic bodywork was developed through years of studying numerous varieties of energy practices and international schools. I am natural force, jungle shaman, untamed sorcerer (wizard). I will awaken your hidden powers, leading you to experience full body ecstasy.
You can determine whether you prefer lovingly pamminating, exciting massage, energizing igneous touches or relaxing healing in depth. I assess your needs and together we can decide the most suitable treatment to pursue. Would you like to relax, get grounded or activate all your senses by gentle and loving touch? Massage can also lead to meditation where your sub-conciseness awakens naturally achieving higher spiritual sensuality and body sensitivity.
I release emotional blocks combined with holistic healing approach to your needs. Massage and vaginal or anal mapping help to transform obsolete emotional patterns and programs into new useful ones. These allow you to live more meaningful and more loving life not only in relationship, with yourself, but also with your surroundings.
I also order massage with part of conscious tantric BDSM. You are always in a safe area. You can negotiate to advance exactly what you want and how (force, pressure, softness etc.). Use a safe word, for example Stop when you want to end the session or relieve pain.Also relieves painful areas of the body where you have stored emotional blocks. Session can be healing if you have been raped, harassed or punished. It is not classical BDSM session.

- Film and Tv School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - MA
- Australian Tantra School - Dakini, Taoist techniques
- International Schools of Temple Arts (ISTA) - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Techniques

-Sexological Bodywork Training with Joseph   Kramer - California- European academy of somatic education - holistic therapy and sensual tantric massage D. Palečková a R.Vojík- Mystic massage training with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Nisarga - Tantra massage from the Kashmiri and Taoist Tradition.

-Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita- Empowered Woman´s Training and Goddess Essence International Teacher Training Bali.

Conscious BDSM

- Soeni Love - The School of Erotic Mysteries, shamanic tantric journey,

Workshops with Felix Ruckert Schwelle 7 Berlin, London Faerie and Ruby May

- Tantrayoga - Teacher Training, Shri Kali Ashram India

- Kambo practitioner training in Peru - Kambo is Amazon medicine secret from frog Phyllomedusa bicolor. The secret heals many disease: Allergies, eczema, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cystic Fibrosis, HIV, cancer etc.. It treats causes at the mental, energetic and physical levels.

-Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Kinesiology, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique and META-Medicine (which also deal with the psychological origin of all diseases).