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Tantra massage Ayurveda bodyworker and ceremonialist. Taoist techniques, meditation, left hand tantric path. Sensual domination, tantric massage with BDSM elements, shibari, kinbaku. 

Tantric massage Dublin

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I walk a path of tantric philosophy for the past 15 years, I am a massage therapist and I am a ceremonialist \ performative artist. Each massage  treatment is done in a ceremonial way to create a sacred space for  rejuvenation and healing. I create a safe and tranquil environment, using an old ceremonial tools and using the best massage and meditation techniques I learned on my journey.

I'm founder of the project "Little intimacy secrets"  with a mission to spread knowledge around the globe  about healthy intimacy that is liberated from a culture of shaming and control of human (especially women's) body and sexuality. 

I am certified massage therapist,  I learned  some of the  traditional ayurvedic massage treatments in Kerala, India.  Also, I went through numerous tantric trainings , and I  repeatedly  visited OSHO international meditation resort in Pune, India.

My mission is to keep things real.  In today' s artificial and virtual world is very easy to lose a touch with our  human, organic and divine essence. I want to create a space for people where they can forget the daily stress, where they re-connect with their body and their feelings and where they can come out of their shell and connect with their true essence. 

It's about slowing down, being present in the moment, relaxed and connected with your senses and surrounding. 

Breath work and MEDITATION is a tool  to slow down and be more mindful. 

A good MASSAGE has a several health benefits, for example,  it helps release  stress from your body and it helps with a blood circulation.

Conscious TOUCH can increase levels of HAPPY HORMONES  and actually regulate feelings of loneliness, isolation and sadness. 

My role is in between of a therapist that has to ensure a safe environment and an artist where I am creating  and guiding people through a  certain experience while "dj-ing"  the experience through smell (aromatherapy), herbalism, sound (what music I am playing), touch and performative art (ceremony)...  I want people to touch their AUTHENTICITY and spontaneity. 

Your EROS , sexual energy is a source of your creativity , uniqueness, charisma and zest for life . It can have enormously positive effect on your SELF-ESTEEM and self-acceptance to be able to observe, discover and joyfully accept and integrate your eros within yourself. 

WOMEN can find this experience beneficial for accepting and loving their body, overcoming feelings of shame and fear around their pleasure. It can be a very empowering experience. 

MEN can find this experience beneficial to get out of their head and connect with their body and feelings. 

I only work with people individually, not with couples.

Are you looking for a SENSUAL  DOMINATION that either focuses on sensation and pleasure\reward over pain and punishment?

Then you could be interested in my tantric massage with  BDSM elements. 

TANTRIC MASSAGE + SHIBARI \ KINBAKU ( Japanese  bondage ) + MASSAGE CANDLE + leather FLOGGER spanking

My original art work,  my work focused on ceremonial art, menstrual cycle awareness  and feminism you can find here:

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