Boundaries within a Tantric massage


Tips to understand how Tantric massage works:

1. There is no mutual interaction between giver (the practitioner) and the receiver. It's the most basic rule so the practitioner can hold a safe environment. The receiver enjoys a skilled and conscious touch by practitioner and because of the fact that the boundaries are clearly set, it opens a safe space for self-discovery and healing. Pleasure is a biproduct of a good tantric massage, not the main goal and you are definitely not supposed to be there to give some pleasure back only to be on the receiving end.  If you are looking for a mutuality, than you should consider that a tantric massage is not what you are looking for. 

2. Tell what you don't like at the start and also during the session. If you don't like touching your feet or some part of your body is painful say that to you practitioner. Also, if during the massage you are experiencing some uncomfortable feelings on physical body or mentally, share that with your practitioner too.

3. There is usually included lingam and yoni massage (if it was not agreed otherwise). Massage of your intimate areas can culminate into an orgasm but also does not have to. An orgasm can be the little sweet cherry on the top of the cake, but it's not the goal. The journey is the goal.  So it's better if you don't have expectations and you just let it flow. 

4. Don't be  attending a session influenced by substances. Not even alcohol.  A Tantric massage is enough intense experience.