Intense sexual attraction and trouble that comes with it... :)


Maybe you have the experience too. The intense connection and at first it seems like a connection from heaven, until a little hell and trauma bonding comes out on the surface... And apart from just in the bedroom, the relationship just doesn't work. 

After numerous talks with my friends and clients and also having my own experience, I realised there is a certain pattern about these intense connections. Actually, at this point, when I sense some crazy electrifying sexual energy between me and somebody else, I better just run away. At the same time I feel like there's wasted a certain potential. I have also had an experience with relationships where sexual compatibility was not really great and it also didn't end well. 

I was thinking about it and realised it can be a good blog out of it. 

Sexuality is a very interesting thing that touches so many core truths about us. Our first experiences in this world formate our sexuality. How safe and accepted we felt as babies. What trauma happened to us. How we relate to people around us. It's a mix of lots of different things. 

Our sexuality also represents our magnetism and charisma and so it's something that even professionals can find beneficial to explore and play with. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, politician, actor or manager. The better you know and understand your sexuality, the better you understand yourself. The better you understand yourself, the better your self-esteem. The better your self-esteem, the better your magnetism and charisma. 

Therefore, in theory, to meet somebody with whom you feel mutual electrifying sexual energy , it can be a great opportunity for growth. Ideally for both involved. The problem is that not always we are aware enough, usually under the attack of all kinds of love hormones we are basically brainless. Also, it depends how self aware we are at that point and what's the level of our emotional maturity. But in theory, it is a chance for a wonderful tango of self-exploration and growth. In theory. So, I wish for us such an experience not only as a theory, but also as an extraordinary real experience.