Tantric massage


Tantric massage is a very complex massage. Includes numerous massage and therapeutic techniques and yoga practices. Inspired by eastern philosophy, western analytical psychology, tantric massage was developed in 1980s by Andro Andreas Rothe in Germany. Tantric massage is based on ideas taken from the work of Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and Alexander Lowen and implements yoga techniques, especially breath yoga.

The client or the receiver of a tantra massage is not a giver. The reciever should surrender and focus on his inner world and feelings. Therapist has to hold a safe space.

Tantric massage therapist should guide you trough a profound experience of exploration of your inner world and make sure you are safe and relaxed. Tantric massage can help with trauma, sexual dysfunction, and personal and spiritual development. It helps better understand to yourself, be connected with your body and increases your self-esteem and self-acceptance. 

(written by Beatha Hekate)