Womb healing changes your life forever.


My journey of womb healing completely changed my life. I am still on this journey of huge self development and understanding of my body and feminine energies.

Womb is a portal between dimensions, through which souls are being born into our realm. Womb is sacred, and should be treated that way.

Womb healing has many ways, always should be picked individually. Healing through meditation, rituals, massages, crystals, herbs...

Do you have painful menstruation? Can not get pregnant? Or any other gynecologic problems... Would you like to discover who you are and what are your gifts? Deepen your intuition and sense of self-worth? Do you have repeatedly problems with money and material abundance? ... Then direct your focus on your womb. You will be amazed how our womb is powerful and influences many aspects of our life.

(written by Beatha Hekaté)